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Spread the WORD

Display our poster in your window, deliver flyers, and sign and forward our petition


Join us to help with eveything to do with saving our library.


Tell key Croydon councillors how important the library is to you.

be at meetings

Whether it's a FOSNL meeting or a council meeting, attend on zoom, find out what's going on and get your voice heard.

Meetings coming up

Council drop-in session at South Norwood's Clock Tower Market

Saturday 3rd July 2021
10:00 - 16:00

Speak to council staff about the consultation and get your views heard. The Clock Tower Market happens on Station Road.

Council drop-in session at South Norwood Library

Wednesday 7th July 2021
13:30 - 15:30

Speak to council staff about the consultation and get your views heard. This is at the current library on Lawrence Road.

Here are a few questions to ask...

"How can we comment on outsourcing to a social enterprise when we have no idea what a social enterprise would do to our library?"

"Our libraries were outsourced in 2010 which led to zero investment in the infrastructure and a steep fall in usage - how would this be different?"

"Why spend so much to move our library and then only staff it two days per week?"


"Why spend £890k on the new leased library when you could spend £420k for the same result in the current council-owned building?"

"What viable community groups have come forward to actually make option 3 a viable alternative? (FOSNL are against community-run libraries.)"

"Open+ technology does not offer the classes and services that are the backbone of our library - how can this be a viable way of opening?"

Take Action: Welcome
Meetins comin up

Click on a councillor's name for their email address.

Councillors to Contact


Hamida took over the leadership of the council in October 2020. Let her know how important our library is to the community of South Norwood.

 oliver lewis.jpg

Cabinet member for culture and regeneration. Overseeing the closure of 5 of Croydon’s 13 libraries. Let Cllr James know how important the physical library building and our professional library service is to South Norwood.

 patsy cummings.jpeg

Representing South Norwood Ward, BAME champion deputy cabinet member for finance and resource. Make sure Patsy knows your views so she can represent our community.

contact councillors
 clive fraser.jpg

Representing South Norwood ward. Let Clive know how the people he represents feel about the library closure.


Representing South Norwood Ward, newly elected in May 2021. Make sure Louis knows your views so she can represent our community.

Posters & Flyers

Posters & Flyers

We have posters to display in your window and flyers you can share with your street or group.

Please email with details of what you would like and where they need to be delivered.

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